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Trident Data Systems
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Dave Muckley

Laura S. Samuel

Copy Editors
Todd P. Allaria
Emily Balog
Ty Couillard
Anne Herrmann
Scherri Pearson

Production Artist
Steve Fisher
Michelle Floresca

Trident's web development team launched a second website for Irvine Apartment Communities (IAC) last month. Originally Trident created a website for IAC's marketing branch, where apartments are featured for prospective tenants. Erick Lindley, web developer in the Los Angeles region, said, "Based on the success of IAC's marketing website, the investment arm of IAC wanted their own site created by Trident to feature shareholder services, corporate history, press releases and other financial information."
Cover IAC
Cover photograph of IAC's annual report, as seen on its newest Trident-designed website.

IAC Investments is very happy with the new website ( which includes their entire 1996 annual report.

"IAC marketing liked it so much they're talking about modifying their website to match the new investment site," said Erick. Again, Trident impressed the customer with performance, support and service, resulting in repeat business.

Erick expects that Trident's web development team will continue to see more business in the future. He's currently working on Polar Air Cargo's site, which is scheduled for completion in August.

Trident's web development team began in 1995 shortly after Todd P. Allaria created websites for Paramount Pictures' "Indian in the Cupboard," "Clueless," and "Congo," among others. EBTA Architects became the team's first client; its site is still supported by Trident today. Since the web development team's start, Erick has worked on every commercially-developed website. As web developer Erick does HTML programming, art direction and account management.

Now, just two years after the project began, Trident is supporting eight web clients. "It has happened gradually." Erick said, "Not only are we continuing to support our existing clients, but new ones keep coming."

Trident-created websites

"Gaining new website clients is even more advantageous than it might seem for Trident because it can be a foot in the door for information protection." Erick continued, explaining that some companies aren't pursuing information protection systems or systems integration but are interested in Trident for web development, which can lead into services in other areas.

Visit Trident's web development team websites to see the work that has impressed IAC and other clients.

Laura Samuel/Los Angeles

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