Western Region Celebrates with Quarterly Awards

Employee-owners gather to reminisce about successful second quarter, look forward to next
Los Angeles and Corporate employees met July 9 to recognize each other's accomplishments from Quarter Two.

Superior Achievement Award
Todd P. Allaria, Corporate director of technology, and Steve Fisher, art director, received superior achievement awards for their excellent redesign of our Intraweb, intra.tds.com. This is Todd's second Superior Achievement Award. The first came in May of 1997 for his work on Trident's external Web site and the Intraweb.

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Steve Fisher

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Golden Homer
Team UNET (Eric Gerds, Jim O'Daniel and Steve Smith) This award was presented for going above and beyond the call of duty on the UNET migrations to Exchange and NT. The team put in many long hours and weekends to accomplish the job.

"I Love You Man"

  • Team Property was honored for the PMP surge. Jack Hayden received a PMP expert award, an Initiative award for contacting government customers and visiting sites and a Team Player award.
  • Alicia Martinez helped a customer on an important contract. Said the customer, "Her professionalism in dealing with the contractor and government personnel has been noted. It has been wonderful working with her on this project."
  • David Vargas recently put in extra hours, both at work and at home, to set up a conversion process for Notebooks, the "help desk bible." In addition, David upgraded the Fast Max terminal to version 2.0 for Trident's Los Angeles customer. "We appreciate the fine assistance Dave provided in helping us get you the updated version of Fast Max," the customer said.
  • Dyana Goldston received an award for her outstanding support of a customer. "Thank you for the help; your support was exceptional," the customer said. "The phones were a critical part of the exercise and it would have been very awkward if not impossible to complete the collection without them."
  • Todd Greene did an excellent job running the site shop during high turnover time, picking up new managerial responsibilities!

    "WOW" Peer Awards

  • Vic Folk recognized Robert Thirlaway, Paul Towe and Robert Campos for outstanding support during the B-25 launch flow.
  • Tom Ryono, regarding Leslie Aubert and Diane Koebli, "Thank you very much for the quick turnaround in getting me the quotes for the server and firewall!"
  • Glen Dirickson was nominated by Beverly Cunningham for excellent support of quick turnaround graphics requests.
  • Todd Greene recognized Joe Maduro for his initiative in starting video services at the help desk and for training successors.
  • Diane Koebli recognized Linda Brown and Kam Golpariani for their dedication to training and encouraging employee-owners who are pursuing Microsoft certification.
  • Robin Oranski nominated Beverly Cunningham saying, "She is an absolute joy to work with. She makes each and every person feel like their request is the only one she is handling. Beverly has a unique quality in her ability to deal with people and she should be commended for this."

    Silver Spiffs

  • Steve Zurian, Carolyn Rodine and Anne Herrmann were lauded for their outstanding support of a government Grand Jury investigation.
  • John Shen received customer kudos for work on an NT migration effort and for great end--user support.
  • The finance department thanked Berj Kacherian with an award for helping out on Costpoint.
  • Michelle Ruffinen was rewarded for doing a great job in the Western Region's training support role, an immense duty that continues to "WOW" one and all!
  • Karen Griffo, formerly our Western Region Travel Store representative, received a gift thanking her for three years of excellent service. She has moved on to a new assignment, but is certainly not forgotten.