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New Look, Intuitive Interface
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Trident Data Systems
5933 W. Century Blvd.
Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 645-6483

Dave Muckley

Rachel D. Moreno

Copy Editors
Todd P. Allaria
Emily Balog
Ty Couillard
Anne Herrmann
Pat Hammond

Production Artist
John P. Toman

Have you checked out Trident's Intraweb ( lately? If not, you're missing out on some valuable employee resources and information. The site was completely redesigned by Corporate MIS to include a new stylized look and easy-to-use interface. [Intraweb GIF]

The Intraweb provides Trident employees with six sections chock full of vital information:

  • Business Operations, which includes Commercial Sales & Marketing, Vendor Relations, Finance and Contracts.

  • Inside Trident, which includes online versions of Trident 2000 Strategic Plan, the 1995 Annual Report and our Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct publication.

  • Employee Services, which includes Human Resources & Benefits information, Career Development Center, Weekly archives and Tridstrom, your spot for official Trident gear. This section is being updated to include Trident Travel, which will contain information on Diners Club benefits, per diem rates and downloadable expense reports.

  • The Information Protection section will have everything you ever wanted to know about Trident's Information Protection products and services. Be sure to come back when this section is finished.

  • Regional Connection is where we come together to share our regional flair. See pictures of new employees, find out about local events or get directions to an office.

  • Technology Corner includes the companywide standardized Style Guide, which ensures consistency of look and feel for internal and external documents; Windows 95 and Mac OS Utilities; and more.

The interface on our intranet was created to be easy-to-use by conducting useability testing. Surfers are able to get almost anywhere from the home page and there is a search engine, alphabetical index and table of contents to assist you in your quest for Trident knowledge.

The Intraweb also has a "What's New" section for the latest information. This week, check out the results of the Core Values Phone Survey, which evaluates how we are living Trident's core values: Building Trusted Relationships, Do the Right Thing - Always and Have Fun.

The Intraweb is constantly being changed, updated, worked on and improved. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Todd P. Allaria, MIS Director at (310) 338-3580 or

Rachel D. Moreno/Los Angeles

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