MIS Confers in Colorado Springs
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Trident's MIS personnel recently gathered in Colorado Springs to discuss the goals and objectives for 1996, provide feedback on the IT infrastructure, and to meet one another in person.

Attendees included: Todd P. Allaria, Gregg Dalby, Daniel Ouellette, Rick Parker, and Depti Patel of the corporate office; Dan Bruckner and MaryAnn Terrazas of Los Angeles; Bill Gertz, Bruce Hartley, Kevin Reynolds, and Joe Rogers of Colorado Springs; Jim Burdick and Dan Lane of San Antonio; Rachel Lind and Stacey Green of Fairfax; Kyle Dorang of Cape Canaveral; and Jon Walke of Vandenberg.
[MIS GIF] (L to R) Kyle Dorang, Depti Patel, Jon Walke, Dan Bruckner, MaryAnn Terrazas, Stacey Green, Gregg Dalby, Daniel Ouellette and Todd P. Allaria watch as (seated) Rick Parker and Kevin Reynolds demonstrate CheckPoint's FireWall-1.

Todd P. Allaria found the meeting overwhelmingly positive. "This was an opportunity for MIS teams to come together and show that we're one Trident team, even if we're scattered around the nation," he said.

The conference included a presentation of this year's IT Infrastructure Upgrade Plan by Trident's Chief Technology Officer, Bruce Hartley. He addressed the upgrade strategy, components and a proposed timeline.

During the four-day conference, MIS team members saw presentations on upgrades to the mail system, firewall, and human resources database system, and demonstrations on CheckPoint's FireWall-1, Trident's internal TechWeb, and the new human resources database. Also presented were two white papers: one on the IT infrastructure upgrade strategy, written by Todd and his team, and another entitled "Architectural Review Design and Implementation," written by Bruce.

Due to the success of the conference, the MIS departments hope to meet more frequently. "The meeting was worthwhile and very productive. We came out as a team rather than several separate regional entities," said Rachel Lind.

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cantly reduced the amount of paper used. The application includes contact sensitive on-line help and several graphics that Microsoft said could not be produced.

"The customer used the application for their last quarter and are ready to use it again soon. It has been extremely well-received by both the users and those who fund it. In fact, after one demo we received a round of applause. That's never happened before," said Dan, lead software engineer.

The first two phases were funded above baseline costs for the contract. We are currently awaiting approval for two more phases, which will allow users to produce their office's monthly metrics internally and make the application more generic to be used in bases across the United States.

Rachel D. Moreno/Los Angeles

WOW Nominees
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These employees were nominated as East Coast employee of the month for March.

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