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Trident Data Systems
5933 W. Century Blvd.
Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 645-6483

Dave Muckley

Rachel D. Moreno

Laura Samuel

Copy Editors
Todd P. Allaria
Emily Balog
Ty Couillard
Anne Herrmann
Pat Hammond

Steve Fisher

Have you visited our external website lately ( The site was recently "remodeled" and given a whole new look.

The project, headed by Todd P. Allaria, MIS director, was accomplished in a short period of time through determination and hard work.

"The look needed an update to communicate Trident's focus on Information Protection," said Todd. "We were able to revise and incorporate new sections to show where Trident is heading in 1997."

The remodel was a true team effort. Lucille Sadler revised the file naming structure and recoded the site to the new layout and the Commercial Marketing and Sales team revised copy from the previous "Navigators of the Information Age"-themed site. Extensive testing was carried out by Luis Saenz and John Toman to check links and consistency, and to enhance the navigation of the site.

The new look incorporates a streamlined appearance with easy-to-follow links to each of the sections. Charles Miller, the site's art director, said, "This redesign accomplishes two things: it pushes information to the top of the sites" hierarchy so users can find information they are interested in quickly, and it highlights specific Trident products and services through features and rotating banners." We think you'll like this new look. Visit our site soon to see what you think.

Rachel D. Moreno/Los Angeles

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