Trident Director of Technology Featured in InformationWeek
By Ryan Gray
Trident director of technology Todd P. Allaria was recently interviewed for a Information Week magazine article on the views of corporate MIS toward new hand-held technology. Trident's media presence has made considerable strides in the past few months. The company is currently evaluating new and improved methods of media relations.

Corporate's Todd P. Allaria is among a handful of MIS managers featured in the Nov. 23 issue of Information Week magazine.

In an article entitled "Mobility Matters," several nationwide IT managers and executives were queryed on mobile device budgets. Of all 200 managers surveyed, nearly one-third commented that handheld computer budgets will rise in the next calendar year. Half of those respondents said the same holds true for notebooks.

You can find the article archived online by performing a keywork search for "Mobility Matters" at

Trident scored a major publicity win with the interview, as the company leveraged it's brand name and expertise as an information protection provider in an article on completely unrelated subject matter.

Todd is the latest Trident employee to receive ink in a major publication. During the next few months, Trident will appear in other publications, including an Information Security Magazine article on risk and vulnerability assessments.

As the company continues its assault on market share through publication, Trident is also making a concerted effort to further its brand name through external advertisements. Last week, a "Practice Safe Networking" billboard, calling attention to Trident's solution capabilities, was unveiled in Los Angeles (see related story, page 4). Please stay tuned for more details.