January 29, 1996

Redefining Corporate MIS
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As Trident relies more heavily on our corporate systems and capabilities, we must continually monitor, evaluate and improve our ability to support the operational units throughout the country. In 1996, we are facing significant changes in the way we do business, and therefore, need to provide more complex and reliable services to our users.

To meet this challenge, I recently re-organized corporate MIS and defined a set of goals and objectives for 1996. Corporate MIS is now responsible for those systems which are truly corporate assets. These assets include the financial system, our electronic mail system, and our Internet firewall. The organization is also responsible for developing standards and guidelines to help improve overall interoperability within Trident. The goal of the new organization is to treat our corporate systems and their users just like we treat our external customers.
[MIS GIF] Members of the corporate MIS team are Ceasar Trujillo, Todd P. Allaria, Depti Patel, Daniel Ouellette, Gregg Dalby, and Rick Parker.

The current corporate MIS team is comprised of six full-time team members. Todd P. Allaria is the MIS team lead. Todd will provide on-site management, guidance and technical support to the MIS team. In addition, Todd is the technical lead on the PC rollout in Los Angeles and will continue to be our key technical resource for Mac integration and support. Todd's team includes Depti Patel, Gregg Dalby, Ceasar Trujillo, Rick Parker, and Daniel Ouellette.

Depti, our corporate Unix system administrator, is currently reviewing all our corporate Unix systems and developing a plan to manage and administer them in a consistent and secure manner. Gregg, as our network engineer, is responsible for the health and well-being of our corporate WAN and Internet access. Gregg is currently evaluating the existing WAN architecture to identify potential bottlenecks and problem areas that need to be resolved. Ceasar is targeted to become our Oracle DBA. We are in the process of sending Ceasar to a number of Oracle schools to enhance his ability to keep our business critical database applications up and running.

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