Another Win for Trident
Website and Newsletter Awarded
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Yet again, Trident was recognized for its outstanding communications tools: the external corporate website ( and for The Weekly. The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Los Angeles chapter awarded Trident two ACE Awards last month.


Our external website received an award, competing against Unocal and TRW in the "Mixed-Media Production" category. Todd P. Allaria, MIS Director in Los Angeles, was on-hand to receive the trophy.

The Weekly award was received by Rachel D. Moreno and Margaret Huang of Corporate Communications. Our newsletter was the only weekly publication and competed against the Southern California Gas Company among others, for the award.

Ours were among several hundred entries in the competition entitled "Racing for Excellence." IABC is a professional association focused on improving business communications, including marketing, public relations, strategic planning, graphic arts and photography. The ACE Awards for Communication Excellence honors creativity, ingenuity, uniqueness and superior work in the field of communication. Entries were judged by other chapters of IABC. The 1996 ceremony was held at Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles.

Check It Out!
New Educational Resources Available

This is the first of a weekly feature highlighting books and videos available in the Career Development Center in Los Angeles. To check out a resource, call or email me. A complete list of resources can be found on the Intraweb ( (If you are at another region or customer site, you may check out these resources, too.)

Succeeding as a First Time Manager

This is an excellent series of eight video tapes (approximately 25 minutes each) geared toward teaching new or aspiring leaders how to succeed as a first time manager. Experienced managers can also benefit from this series as it reinforces important skills and techniques. The tapes cover the following broad topics: getting organized, assessing yourself and your team, managing change, leadership skills, developing your staff, motivating your people, cultivating your communication skills, and the power of a positive attitude.

These tapes will be shown during lunch at Corporate on January 21st and 23rd, and at the L.A. site February 4th, 6th, 11th, and 17th. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about how to be a good leader to come to one of these video brown-bag sessions. Or just check out one or two of the tapes if you'd like to work on a specific skill.

MCSE Study Guide: Windows 95 & Networking Essentials

This book is highly recommended for anyone studying for the Windows 95 or Networking Essentials MCSE exams. This book was rated the best study guide by Microsoft Certified Professional magazine.

The book covers the following topics:

Windows 95 Exam

  • Planning and installation
  • Architecture and memory
  • Customizing and configuring Windows 95

please see "Check It Out" p. 6

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