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Welcome to Todd's press page. Here you can read what others have written about Todd, projects that Todd has been involved in or interviews he has given in various newsletters, articles, magazines and web sites. It is mainly a place where Todd can archive such material, but if you are interested, have a peek.

InformationWeek magazine

Information Week: 11/23/98
IT managers are increasing their mobile device budgets but want more from handhelds and palmtops

The Weekly, a Trident Data Systems newsletter

The Weekly: 12/07/98 - Page 3
Trident Director of Technology Featured in InformationWeek

The Weekly: 07/27/98 - Page 2
Western Region Celebrates with Quarterly Awards

The Weekly: 07/28/97 - Page 2
Trident's New IAC Website

The Weekly: 06/09/97 - Page 2
Intraweb Revamped

The Weekly: 06/02/97 - Page 5
Picture of the Week

The Weekly: 02/03/97 - Page 2
Trident Website Revamped

The Weekly: 01/20/97 - Page 3
The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), Los Angeles chapter awarded Trident two ACE Awards

The Weekly: 11/11/96 - Page 1
Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Los Angeles Chapter awarded Trident with a PRism Award for its external corporate website (

The Weekly: 05/06/96 - Page 3
MIS Confers in Colorado Springs

The Weekly: 04/08/96 - Page 2
Trident Web Site Gets a Facelift

The Weekly: 01/29/96 - Page 1
Redefining Corporate MIS