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Romulus and RemusThese are the kittens of Todd P. Allaria. This is their journal, as told by the person that feeds and changes their litter box. Romulus and Remus would love to hear from you. You can send your letters to or

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dear r&r,
hello from new york city! one of my owners found your website and thought it was so great that she had to show it to me. you guys are sooooooooooooooooo cute! (though i don't know how you can stand taking baths... yuck.)

i'm about five years old, a champagne seal point, and my owners think i'm tonkinese. they're not 100% sure because they rescued me from freezing to death on the street when i was very very little. they're such nice people. i've sent you a photo of me that alicia just took tonight. i'm still very fluffy because the winters here can be so cold. take care!

Hi Lilith,
Thanks for sending us your picture. We can't imagine how cold you must have been. If it is less than 75 out here, we will sit by the heater and moan until Todd turns it on to warm us up. You do indeed look like a Tonk and if you're not, we would welcome you into the fold anyways. Thanks so much for your letter and write us again soon!

Be sure to visit the archive page of the "Friends of R&R" section for previous letters and photos as well as directions on how you can be a friend of ours!

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My kittens come from the Tairedd Cattery in San Diego, owned by Barbara Boren. I have had a great time dealing with her and highly recommend her for your next Tonkinese kitten.