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Romulus and Remus's Friends

Welcome to the latest feature on, the Friends of R&R pages. Romulus and Remus really do love getting your letters and pictures (they look at everyone of them!). We have decided to create a place to display some of the really nice mail that we get. If you would like to be included, just send us a message with a picture and we will be glad to post it here.

Our Friends

Hi Romulus,
My name is Sunny, and I think we are brother and sister; or, at least, step-sibs. My mom was Misty Snowflower and my father Rockets Bluebeard, and I was born at Tairedd on June 18, 1999. I am a beautiful blue mink. I will have my mom try to attach a picture of me. I am now almost 7 pounds. Not sure if I am finished growing yet, but my mom likes me this size! Nice to meet you!

Sunny (and mom, Margie)

Hi Sunny!
We are so happy to hear from one of our sisters! I am about 7 pounds also, but my brother Remus in closer to 12! We kept growing for almost 2 years, so it sounds like you are about as big as you are going to get :)
Thanks so much for writing to us and please write again soon!

Hi, Remus!
My name is Cricket, and I am an 11-year-old apple head Siamese. I live with my human and her yellow lab guide dog, Fame, in Redwood City, California. Fame likes to give me sloppy kisses which get my fur wet, but sometimes I let her kiss the back of my head since that's a hard place for me to groom. This led Beth, my human, to call me "the kissable when permissible cat".

The reason I'm writing to you instead of your brother is because I heard that you are a trouble maker too. It's so important for humans not to get a free ride! Resistance is character building for them, and sometimes it's absolutely essential for us to make our feelings known.

For instance:
Three or 4 times a year, Beth's parents come to visit. Just because Beth gets up earlier than they do and her dad claims he has trouble sleeping--now I ask you, how could anyone have trouble sleeping? I do it all the time--she gives him OUR bed and sleeps on the sofa bed. Actually I like him. He has a "way with cats"--but don't tell him I said so--and I like curling up with him on the couch and playing with his shoes. But he has no business in OUR bed! I was so annoyed by his presence there a few months ago that I began walking around on top of the 3 humans and yowling. I also yowled at the dog to try to get her upset, but she's hopeless where humans are concerned; she'll put up with almost anything they do. It's pathetic! Anyway, when I couldn't provoke a reaction from the canine or homo sapiens factions, I fixed them! I went out the one-way cat door my human maintains so I won't bring in liv birds anymore and stirred up the neighborhood dogs. Those morons will bark at anything!

Anyway, you get my drift I'm sure. Humans are great for filling the food bowl, providing heat and other comforts and massage, etc. Sometimes I do feel quite close to mine. But don't ever stop raising hell. Never forget that it's an important part of the Thai cat/human relationship.

Disturbingly yours,

Hi Cricket!
You are right when you say that I am the trouble maker. My goal in life seems to be edging my brother on to knock over anything in the house that is not nailed down. As for the bed situation, the bottom of the bed is ours, no matter WHO is in there with us. Todd has given us nicknames as well, but they are of the sort that we can't post them. We have never seen a dog and are not sure that we would like them if we did. Todd keeps saying how he would like to get one, but he travels so much and I am told that those wussy dogs can't stand being away from their humans. We aren't exactly happy about it and leave him a surprise now and then upon his return, but we can make due.

Thanks so much for writing to us. Send us a picture and we will post it here!

Our first Christmas card! Thanks so much Teddy, Sally, Steve and especially Michelle!


Ciao I'm Alessandro Allaria from Verolanuova Brescia (Italy)
only italian
questi sono 2 dei miei 5 gatti

Hi Alessandro,
Thanks for sending us pictures of Nera and Bianca. While we can read Italian well enough to know that you have 3 other felines, we sure can't write it, so we hope you understand that we appreciate you sending us your pictures! The guy that feeds us wonders if he is somehow related to you.
Write us again soon!

Hi Romulus and Remus,

I am a friend of Sally and Teddy "Bunny" Fisher. My masters, Gen and Erin showed me your picture and I would like to meet you some day. Perhaps, your master can bring you over on the Harley. Hope to see you soon!

Hi Piglet,
It is great to hear from you. As for Todd taking us on the Harley to meet you, we are all for it. Todd on the otherhand has some kind of problem with our digging our nails through his leather as we hang on. ::shrug:: When we get a little bigger, we will just ride the thing over for ourselves!
Thanks again for the nice note. Write us again soon!

R & R,
SingeI have a tonkinese boy. His name is Singe (as in French for Monkey) He is gorgeous. Have enclosed a pic of him sitting on the mantelpiece that we have to keep clear or he removes everything from it. Behind him you can see where he has removed the wallpaper. Bless Him!!!!

Hi Sue and Singe,
He is very pretty indeed. We just proved your point by knocking over and breaking into a thousand pieces a vase that Todd had so stupidly left on top of a table, a table that we weren't supposed to go on. As if. I don't think he was blessing us much this morning, but we did hear God spoken a number of times. Anyways, thanks so much for the nice note and picture. We really enjoyed it.

R & R,
I was so impressed with the pictures I saw of you. You guys are so cute. I really liked the movie. I wish I had a kitty friend to groom me. I do have a fish tank to look at, but it is not the same. I lay on my owners back also, and I can tell she really likes my rough tongue on her back. I assume the picture on the home page is your owner, but why are there no pictures of him with you guys? Sorry to hear that Remus got sick, that happens to me every once in a while. Damn fur balls! Grass sometimes does that to me too. It's easier to clean up if it dries for a few days. Just a tip you can pass on to your owner. Do you like catnip? My owner doesn't let me have it very often. Only on like Christmas and stuff. Do you guys know any tricks? I can fetch a little foam rainbow colored ball. Please write back soon,

Hi Tipity,
It really helps having a friend. Todd is out a lot of the time and we would be very lonely if we were by ourselves. Of course that would mean that we would go out of our way to scratch up and destroy as much as possible to show him our displeasure. Actually a picture of Todd with us sounds like a good idea. We will work on him to do that. We haven't tried catnip yet, but grandma keeps buying us toys so I am sure that soon enough one will contain catnip. As for tricks, we can turn off the lights in the bedroom and can turn on the clock radio when we want to get fed. Todd's old cat, Francesca could do all kinds of things (fetch, shake, come, roll over), but we are still too hyper to focus long enough for him to teach us these tricks yet. Maybe later. Anyways, thanks so much for the letter. We really enjoyed it! When you get your picture taken, send us a copy and we will post it! R&R

Hi Romulus,
My name is Sterling and I love horses. I am lucky enough to lives in Gods country up in Northern California. Sometimes my human puts me up on her horse when I beg her too, and other times I get there on my own. Woody, our horse, doesn't mind me purring and grabbing his fur with my paws. He reminds me of my mother and makes me feel soooooo good. I like the furry pony that my little humans have. She, Smoochy Baby, has a very long coat, especially in the winter!!! (4-5 inches long!!!).

If you want to see my sister and some of her kittens, visit her web site at
Love Sterling!

Hi Sterling,
We have never seen a horse before, let alone ride on one's back. That is really neat. I think I would be a bit timid around a horse, but Remus would be jumping on his back for a ride in a matter of seconds. Boy, on days like today, I wouldn't mind having all that fur that you do. I have found that the small of Todd's back is the best place for me to sleep on these cold days (although he tends to roll-over on me which seems to upset him MUCH more than me!). Anyways, thanks so much for the nice letter and the pictures. We really enjoyed them!

Ricky and I really enjoyed Romulus & Remus' WEB site! Ricky is a 4 year old Blue Mink Tonkinese. You can visit Ricky's site as well at

Hi Ricky and Mindy,
Wow, another Tonk web site. We are very pleased indeed. It looks like you have a lot of fun. We have taken to finding every single piece of paper we can find and shredding it to bits...the more important to Todd, the better. Anything to make him buy us more toys. Anyways, thanks so much for sending us an email. We really enjoyed hearing from you two.

Hi R&R,
Our owners are an R&R as well (Rachel and Roman). We really liked your site and wanted to support your friends site. I am Kasha and the gray one is Malie (her full name is Cats of Oz Malie - she's registered with TICA and everything). We are Scottish Folds. I am 4 years old and Malie is almost 6 months now. We look forward to seeing other friends that you guys have. Thanks,
Kasha and Malie

Hi Kasha and Malie.
Thanks for the nice note and awesome picture (click on it to get a larger view). I know that Todd wishes he could take images as good as that one is. What is it like having all that hair? Are you guys hippies or something? :) Anyways, thanks again and welcome to our pages.

hi romulus,
we met your master today and he was very nice. we saw your picture on the web, along with your friend remus. the movie was pretty neat. we like to groom each other, too, and share whisker kisses.(we're fixed, too, so no baby bunnies here!) tonight we're having some carrots and oats for dinner. well, hope to meet you soon and catch up on grooming, clawing and purring techniques.
teddy and sally "bunny" fisher

Hi Teddy and Sally.
Wow, what big ears you have! We pretty much spend all day grooming each other, that and running around the house like crazy. Oh, and we sleep all the time. We haven't tried carrots (although we will try just about anything we can get our whiskers into. Thanks for the nice note and picture. Hope to hear again from you soon!

We love hearing from you, so send your letters and photos today!