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Romulus and Remus

Entry 7

Wow, it has been quite some time since I have made it over here and updated this section. Reason number 1 is that I have just been lazy. Reason number 2 is that I can't find the darn cradle for my digital camera so haven't been able to download any new pictures to show you all. I have now found my cradle, but have since switched computers, so now have to dig up the software to reinstall. That being said, I did want to give you some progress on how Romulus and Remus are doing.

They are both getting big. Romulus is at 5 pounds and Remus is a health 4.5. I just finished getting them their final series of shots. Romulus did not react very well to this last shot and I was quite worried about him for a day or so. He is fine now.

Both kittens love being with each other. They spend the day running around the house tackling each other and looking for places to pounce upon each other. They usually sleep on top of each other. They have each developed very different personalities. Romulus is the more dominant one, although he usually lets Remus get his way with everything. He is very muscular, very feline. He also doesn't mind being held for extended periods and just relaxing in your lap. He does seem to have taken an instant dislike to one of my friends, Daniel. If he is over, you can not get Romulus to stay in the same room. It only happens with Daniel as I have had many other people over and he gets along fine with them. Remus on the other hand gets along famously with Daniel. Remus is a licker. He loves walking up my body as I lay in bed, all the way to my head and then start licking my face. He is an instigator and is usually the one that will do anything to annoy you. He is also extremely smart. He has learned how to turn on the clock radio next to my bed when he is hungry. Very cute but annoying if you are trying to get some sleep.