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Autum in the Garden, 2001
By Daniel Ouellette
Images by Deanna Miranda Ouellette

The 'Autumn in the Garden' even took place at the Japanese Gardens in the Tillman Water Reclamation Facility in the San Fernando Valley. The chairperson of the event is a friend of Asai-sensei's and asked if he and some of his students could give a short kendo demonstration for the visitors. So, students from Venice Dojo and Westside Dojo got together to do the demonstration. Mizobe-sensei gave the visitors information about the history of kendo and how it relates to other martial arts, how the shinai evolved from the katana, and how the modern sport is practiced today. Asai-sensei then led the kenshi in standard drills to demonstrate the various targets and techniques. Afterwards we had a short mini-tournament (no pictures) and then gi-geiko for a short time.

Here we are doing our warm-up excercises.

All of us lined up.
From Left to right: Dan Leyva (WS), Naris(WS), Mark (V), ?(V), ?(V), ? Kern (V), ? Kern (V), ? Fernando (V), Daniel (WS), ? Stephan (V), John Shipley (WS), Rudy ?(V)
(WS) Westside Kendo Dojo   (V) Venice Dojo

Mizobe-sensei (WS) giving his talk about kendo while Asai-sensei listens.

A few students demonstrating basic techniques and targets.

Joel Inden (WS) with Asai-sensei demonstrating advanced techniques.

All of us standing around listening to Mizobe-sensei talking.

All of us participating in gi-geiko or free practice.

Removing our men after the demonstration.

Mizobe-sensei tells visitors how to get more information about kendo if they're interested while Asai-sensei removes his bogu.