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Todd has been studying the martial art of kendo for awhile now. This section will expand to be an online resource of Kendo and Todd's progress in the sport. Todd is a member of Westside Kendo Dojo, which is a Southern California Kendo Federation dojo.

Todd's Rank Certificate, presented to him at the Westside Kendo Dojo Christmas Party, 2001.
It reads:
English Japanese
Allaria, Todd
Kendo 4 kyu (-)
This certificate acknowledges the person named on the right
2001, October, 21 day
All United States Kendo Federation
President Buichi (Charlie) Tanaka
Allaria, Todd
Kendo Yon Kyu Ge
Migi ryosuru
Ni sen ichi nen, Jugatsu, Niju ichi nichi
Zen Beikoku Kendo Renmei
Kaicho Tanaka Buichi

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Here are some images of Todd at the 2001 promotion exams.

Here is an image of Todd fighting at Nisei Week 2001 in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.