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Welcome to, the personal web space of Todd P. Allaria. Todd is adding constantly to this site, so check back now and again for new features. Your suggestions are especially welcomed!

The research that Todd is currently involved in is fairly eclectic, but includes the study and experimentation in the future forms of human communication, from entertainment to education. He looks at systems and sub-systems which bridge the gap between cyberspace and the physical environment by coupling pertinent digital information (bits) to physical objects and environments (atoms).

Todd has an professional and academic background in history, photography, graphic design, fine art and information architecture as well as twenty years working with and on computers. Using these skills, he is constantly looking at radical new approaches to the human-computer interface, trying to understand human cognition and developing base level technologies for intelligent computer systems so that eventually he can impart to machines the human capacity for common sense reasoning.

Virtual identity and the identity deception that takes place in cyberspace and the social, political and environmental fallout from such fascinates him. You can view his résumé for more information on what Todd has been doing.

Todd also has blog. This is a constantly updated journal about his life, work and interests. Todd's blog has been online since September 1998, in one form or another. If you know Todd offline and wish to view his journal, go ahead and request access. But be warned. Todd will probably talk about you and it is quite possible you may not like what he will write. Such is life.

Updated as time permits, this section was created for Todd's kittens Romulus and Remus. Watch as they grow up before our eyes.

Todd's outside interests include the study of Kendo and playing the guitar and violin. He loves to travel, ride his harley, is a voracious reader and drinks way too much coffee.

Occasionally Todd is written about in a magazine article, newsletter or web site. Todd is just archiving this information here, but it is a good way to see some of the stuff he has been involved with.

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Todd's freelance company, the Allaria Design Group can be found at It is mainly setup for his clients, but if you are curious, give it a look.